Merchant Cash Advance

Small business and merchant cash advances (MCA) are a form of unsecured business funding for professionals that need specific amount of money but cannot take out a conventional funding amount. Indeed, business and MCA provide many benefits for small businesses compared to traditional financial term, such as flexibility and less requirements to apply. Keep reading to learn how a Blursoft working capital’s small business and MCA understand and know how to help your business every day!

How can a Business and Merchant Cash Advance Help Your Business?

A business financing and merchant cash advance MCA is a flexible way to receive the cash amount that your business financial needs. You pay back your business and MCA through a percentage of your sales (debit card or credit card processing) by multiple payments options. In concrete term, a business and merchant cash advance gives you the capital amount that you need now based on your future revenue. This financing solution is an ideal financing solution for any business that has a typically bad credit rating or that doesn’t have any collateral to back a credit. Any small to medium business owners, Startups, contractors, Uber drivers and young entrepreneurs can particularly benefit from a business and merchant cash advance and receive the capital amount they need fast since they may not be able to access more traditional types of financing. A small business MCA is much faster to get than a conventional credit and it can get you out of a pinch when you need fast capital for your small business.

MCA vs Business Loan

Created in the 1990s, business and merchant cash advances are alternative types of financing options and technically speaking, are not considered as traditional bank funding. With small business financial merchant cash advance options, you receive a lump sum of money like with loans. The difference with a business loan lies in the manner in which small business merchant cash advance is repay. A business loan is paid back with monthly payments whereas a business and merchant cash advance is paid back with your future credit card merchant account monthly, daily or weekly credit card sales. With a business and merchant cash advance, you don’t owe anything until you generate sales. This flexibility can relieve small businesses from a lot of burden and stress. A business and merchant cash advance is use for a sale of future revenue (credit card sales). It is therefore not a business loan. That’s why it is much easier and faster to get funding at the banks.

What Are the advantages of small businesses that used MCA?

Small business owners can enjoy many advantages with small business merchant cash advance. The biggest advantage is probably that you can have a business and merchant cash advance even if you have bad credit. Moreover, the application process is much quicker and easier than with a funding at the bank. Another great advantage is that the payment amount you pay back (interest rate cost) changes from month to month since it is also based on your sales card processing revenues. It is not a fixed payments amount. This flexibility can help you to manage your cash flow better. When business is down, you pay back less, whereas when business is soaring, your payments increase. Either way, the percentage collected never changes or get higher, which means that your cash flow will always stay at the same level and the right time. The fixed monthly payments of loan can hit your finances hard if business is slow. Blursoft’s working capital loan for businesses and merchant cash advance solution is designed to give your small business what it needs with no headaches or hassle.

How Do I Apply for a Business and Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)?

Blursoft capital merchant cash advance (MCA providers) provide you with funding from $5,000 to $500,000 for a period of up to two years. We offer low factor rate for all starting at 1.2. Our small business merchant cash advance take less than 24 hours to get funded once approved.

To qualify for small business MCA at the Best Blursoft’s funding partners, companies need to meet the following requirements for a quick approval:

If you meet those conditions and qualify, you can go directly to the application form and apply for loan today. Just fill the online form and/or connect your company bank account or contact us for support whether you need assistance. A funding specialist will review your application and quickly connect with you to discuss your needs and situation to find the most appropriate financing solution for you. Once your application is approved, you receive the funds in just 24 hours (unlike other agencies). Join the thousands of businesses that have already skyrocketed thanks to small business MCA and apply now!