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If you want to start or develop your business, a business loan could be the right solution. Yet, in today’s economy, lending standards can be quite stringent, and it can be quite a challenge to get through all the red tape to secure a business loan. These obstacles can be even more overwhelming if you happen to have bad credit or no credit rating. Blursoft understands the needs of small business owners and has designed several lending solutions to give them the capital they need to grow their business.

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Blursoft is a leading provider of financial solutions and services for professionals that can help them grow their business at low and competitive rates. Depending on your needs, we a have a selection of lending products for business owners with bad credit or no credit rating.

Everything You Need to Know About Bad Credit Loans

Small businesses make up the backbone of the American economy, but they often don’t get the help they need to stay afloat from traditional lending institutions. This is often due to the fact that they have bad or no credit. A bad credit rating can prevent them from getting the financing they need. Even if the company is on solid ground, and they have been in business for a while, it is practically impossible to get a loan approved. In fact, the economic situation due to COVID 19 has further increased the difficulties of borrowing cash. In addition to stricter lending criteria with banks, lending has become harder across the entire financial landscape. But we’ve got good news, it doesn’t have to be that way. Bad credit loans can come to your rescue during tough moments and give you the push you need to get your business and finances back on track!

Blursoft has a large selection of lending solutions. With the arrival of fintech, loans are now more easily accessible to those who are unable to access financing solutions from traditional lenders due to bad credit. Even though it’s easier to borrow money if your credit rating is good, you can still get a business loan with bad credit. Business owners can get a loan with Blursoft’s lending partners, no matter what their credit rating is. By applying for a loan or a merchant cash advance with Blursoft, you can enjoy the benefits of working with the leading provider of financial solutions to businesses with bad credit. Traditional financial institutions usually refuse loans to small business owners with bad credit because they have to protect their depositors from high risk. That’s where Blursoft can help small businesses with bad credit. Owning a business requires initiative, courage, and support. You may need cash for working capital, equipment, hiring staff… And your business can take a serious hit if any of those needs are left unmet. Having the opportunity to access a loan for your business during rough times may be the very thing you need to boost your business revenues.

Blursoft is designed to help countless business owners with bad credit and is ready to stand by their side through tough economic situations. Our goal is to help get business owners the money they need at the time when they need it most. Even though your credit score matters in the loan application process, it shouldn’t be the only factor that matters. We understand that your credit rating doesn’t define you or your business. We offer a wide selection of business loans and cash advance solutions for bad credit that gives every business owner access to a business loan that is tailor-made to their situation. If you need capital for your business, apply for a business loan with us no matter what your credit rating is or the sector in which your business operates. Blursoft will see to it that you get the capital you need. 

What is a Merchant Cash Advance ?

A merchant cash advance (also called MCA) is a type of funding that gives your business quick access to money based on your credit card sales. You can use the funds to purchase goods or services as you deem necessary. This financing solution is ideal for businesses that need funds, but do not have access to other conventional forms of credit!


$5,000 – 500,000

Time to Funds

As Soon as 24 Hours


Up to 2 Years

Factor rates

As Low as 1.2 

Merchant Cash Advance: a Flexible Alternative for Businesses with Bad Credit

Luckily, it is easier for businesses with bad credit to qualify for a merchant cash advance than for other forms of business financing. Indeed, merchant cash advances are easily accessible for businesses with bad credit, start-ups, or businesses that do not have any collateral. Small business owners may find that bank loan applications can be a long and tedious process that makes it hard to get funding. Our merchant cash advance immediately provides your business with the cash it needs, thereby eliminating the headache of getting a conventional bank loan. It’s the perfect solution for small businesses!

You can qualify for a merchant cash advance even if you have a bad credit rating. Apply today and get between $5,000 and $500,000 in unsecured funding for your business. Our lending solutions are designed to help you successfully run your business and the terms are easy to understand. Merchant cash advances are flexible and can be used in a wide variety of sectors. Whether you’re looking for money for a restaurant, a landscaping business, a moving company or for any other industry, a merchant cash advance can be the ideal solution for all business sectors. Merchant cash advances are also extremely flexible since they can be used for any business expense that you would like to cover. Your business may need to upgrade its equipment, or maybe you’re experiencing a particularly tough slow season, or you want to invest in developing your business? Merchant cash advances can finance all business-related expenses.

When you apply for a loan, banks often require collateral such as commercial property, inventory, machinery or a vehicle. Should you become unable to pay back the loan, the bank can sell the collateral and get its money back. Consequently, it takes longer to apply for a secured loan from the bank since there is a lot of paperwork and red tape such as legal costs and business checks. A merchant cash advance at Blursoft is unsecured. Absolutely no collateral is needed! We can process your application with our partners within 24 hours and send you the cash immediately. Blursoft understands the specificities of each business. Each business runs at its own rhythm and pace. Some are busier on the weekends, whereas others are busier during the week. There are also businesses that only have peak cash flows in certain seasons. Our Funding specialists will take time to talk with you to understand your business and cash flow challenges better. Not many businesses have the same revenues on a daily basis, and all businesses have their ups and downs. Our merchant cash advance is affordable and tailor-made to your needs and your situation. There are absolutely no hidden fees and no stressful repayment deadlines. You pay  back when you get paid. With our high approval rates and quick application process, what are you waiting for? Apply for a merchant cash advance today and boost your business!

How to Apply

At Blursoft, it’s really easy to apply for a loan for bad credit or a merchant cash advance. You just need to go to the Blursoft website and fill out a short online form. After that, one of our funding specialists will contact you to discuss your needs and your situation further. Even if you have bad credit, approval ratings are high. Once your application is approved, you receive the cash in just 24 hours!


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