Equipment Financing Using a Merchant Cash Advance

Funding for new equipment can be challenging to secure, especially for new enterprises. When money is tight in the nascent stages of a company, accessing money to buy all the necessary equipment through traditional small business loans can be daunting and sometimes impossible. Merchant Cash Advance loans offer business owners a valuable avenue to secure funds for equipment purchases.

In strict terms, Merchant Cash Advance (MCL or MCA) are not loans. They are cash advances that allow businesses to use their future earnings to secure funding instead of using collateral to secure a business loan. With this in mind, Merchant Cash Advance allow businesses to access unsecured funds against their future earnings even when the company is new. 

In the case of equipment financing, you can purchase new equipment vital for business operations or expansion using our MCA products rather than going for a traditional small business loan. For instance, you can buy equipment worth as much as $200,000.

#1. Fast Funding

You can get your funding in as little as 24 hours after application owing to the unsecured nature of the Merchant Cash Advance . This allows you to acquire technology that drives your success and maintains your competitive edge as soon as you decide you need the equipment.

#2. Merchant Advance Do Not Require Collateral

For small businesses with few assets to their name, getting collateral to secure small business loans can be difficult. Small and new enterprises can use MCLs to finance their equipment in such situations, thereby allowing these businesses to start or grow.

#3. Your Credit Score Doesn’t Influence Your Application

Small business owners just starting might not have the perfect credit score. This is a considerable impediment for businesses as they cannot get business loans that require stellar credit scores. However, when you use MCLs, you only need to show a good track record of making sales and the potential to make more sales in the future.


#4. Flexibility In Repayments

While the loan terms extend up to 2 years, you can always negotiate for flexible repayment plans that suit your business. At, We work with small business owners to ensure they are comfortable with the repayment schedule and 

What Are The Requirements?

As mentioned above, it is relatively easier to secure funding to finance equipment for your business using Merchant Cash Advance loans than traditional loans. Generally, you have to show your company has a track record of strong sales and growth potential.

Other specific requirements include:

  • A government-issued ID, 
  • Previous bank transactions and statements, 
  • Company registration certificate, and 
  • A duly filled application form.

Crucially, you can apply for a Merchant Advance Cash via our online application form, making it easy and straightforward for business owners to access equipment financing.


How much equipment financing can I receive?

The amount of equipment financing that businesses access through MCL varies from one enterprise to another. That being said,  amount ranges between $5,000 and $200,000, which is sufficient to finance equipment purchases for a wide variety of businesses.

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