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Business & Merchant Cash Advance The business and merchant cash advance is a type of credit card that can be used to pay for goods or services in the United States. It allows you to make purchases with your debit card, which has a limit of $10,000 per month.

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Our technical expertise allows us to investigate your individual financial situation. With a critical mindset and objective approach, we work with you to understand your unique situation. Our mission is simple, educate the general public, especially individuals who want financial freedom. Our goal is to get your credit score fixed as fast as possible. From removing charge offs, late payments, inquiries, collections and bankruptcies.

We will guide you through the entire process step by step. We are passionate about helping people overcome their financial challenges. Our friendly and supportive service means you will feel supported. We specialize in credit counseling.

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It is crucial to know what makes up your credit score so you have an idea of what you must or must not do to affect it.
The factors that may affect your credit score negatively are described below:




Late Payments



Student Loans

Dispute Code Removal

Credit Coaching


Re-establishing Credit

Debt Settlement

Tips For Credit Repair

When you are running a business, your credit can dictate whether or not you can get the capital you need for inventory and more. Not having access to the cash you need can lead your business to fail. A U.S bank study showcased that 82 percent of all business failure is due to poor cash management [1]. Thus, it's important to keep track of finances and to maintain optimal credit to get the funds you need whenever you require it.

1. Work Towards Paying Off Debt

Much like you would for personal credit, you should prioritize paying off your business’ debt. Try to allocate as much profit as possible towards paying off your debt. This will ensure that you minimize your total cumulative debt which can go a long way towards bettering your credit. Don’t allow your debt to mount up. While you want to keep the cash you need to continue running your business, one of the priorities to repairing your credit has to be debt repayment.

2. Check Your Reports

One of the things that business owners don’t do enough is checking their credit reports. You need to check your credit reports to ensure their accuracy. There are plenty of times where you might find inaccuracies that are dragging your overall score down. By checking your reports and identifying false or inaccurate items from your reports, you can experience dramatic increases in your score. You’ll find the major bureaus like Experian offer Business Credit Reports. That way, you can check on your business credit report and get pertinent information that you can use to figure out how to increase it.

3. Ask For Lenders To Report Updates

You should ask lenders to report the latest updates about your accounts. Believe it or not, but lenders don’t automatically report updates to credit agencies right away. While some do, they aren’t required to. However, if you do ask them to report an account closure or a debt repayment, you will get it accurately reported in your report. This can make a big difference if you’ve made a large payment or if you’ve closed an account with a high credit limit.

4. Pay On Time

One of the most important things that make up your credit score is your payment history. It accounts for a very large percentage of your score. Because of this, you want to prioritize making on-time payments to all of your lenders on all of your accounts.

5. Keep An Eye On Utilization

Something that can negatively impact your score is using too much of your available credit. After all, if you are maxing out your credit cards, you quickly become a higher risk for the lender. By keeping your utilization lower by making early payments and by avoiding maxing out each account, you can keep yourself out of trouble.

6. Open More Accounts

Believe it or not, but by opening more accounts, you can improve your score. There are several reasons for this. For one, it can help you reduce your credit utilization on each account. The more credit you have available and the less you’re using, the better your utilization. Likewise, it can improve the diversity of your credit profile which can help boost your score

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your business credit line. At Blursoft, we offer solutions to help businesses grow revenue by getting you access to the capital you need at the best rates. Don't allow your business to fail due to a lack of capital. Whether you have good or bad credit, you can get access to the capital you need.

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Very smooth and easy process. Loan approved within hours. Draw was funded promptly. Expensive but highly recommend if you need quick cash.

Steve Smith

Product Manager

Very smooth and easy process. Loan approved within hours. Draw was funded promptly. Expensive but highly recommend if you need quick cash.

Steve Smith

Product Manager